Agenda & Speakers



How Technology will Enhance and Transform Africa’s Agriculture Sector: Agrifood tech innovation across the African Continent


Indoor and Vertical Farming as Part of a Local, Regional and National Food System


The Development of Local SMME’s to Promote Sustainable Agriculture


Alternative Enterprise Forms to Build Sustainable Urban Agriculture in South Africa


Singapore’s solution in the agritech space


Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Precision Agriculture – Improving Efficiency and Sustainability
· AI Applications in Crop Monitoring and Management
· AI-enabled Decision Support Systems
· Robotics and Automation
· Predictive Analytics and Yield Forecasting
· How AI can contribute to water management in precision agriculture


Streamlining Access to Capital and Partnerships for Growth; Supply Chain Finance for Smallholder Farmers; Agritech & Agri Insurance


What a Sustainable Vertical Farming Industry might look like: Coming together of Horticulture, Automation, Energy and Serviceability


How Sustainable is Vertical Farming? Availability of Nutrients, Resource Efficiency, Year-Round Production, Land Conservation, Local Food Production


Future Markets: Opportunities Beyond Produce
• Industrial Hemp as a New Agro-Industry in Africa
• Large Scale Cannabis Cultivation: Medical Grade Cannabis for export; Low cost production with Quality Yield; Regulations; · Supply chain and Support
• Turn-Around Strategies for Existing Greenhouse Growers Interested in Changing-Over to CBD and Hemp Derived Food Products


Fireside Chat: The Farmer’s Outlook – Challenges, Opportunities and the Path for Urban Agriculture

UAW2023 is your platform to learn and share ideas on how to revolutionize agriculture and bring the industry into the technology-enabled future.


Naudé Malan

Associate Professor Business Management, University of Johannesburg, and Council Member, Agricultural Research Council, South Africa

Graeme Smith

Founder and Principal Consultant, Graeme Smith Consulting, Australia

Alex Ho

Regional Director for Middle East, Africa & South Asia, Enterprise Singapore

Thato Mugonda

LED Coordinator, Centre for Supplier Development, and Director, Legae La Banareng Farms, South Africa

Zandile Kumalo

Founder and CEO, HyHarvest, South Africa

Kenneth Obayuwana

Principal Consultant, Agricelerate Global Consulting, UK

Agrotosh Mookerjee

Managing Director and Chief Actuary, Risk Shield Consultants, Zambia

Dr Zorodzai J T Maroveke

Founder and CEO, Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust, Zimbabwe

Trenton Birch

CEO and Co-Founder, Cheeba Cannabis Academy, and Founding Member, Friends of Hemp South Africa

Dr Dalal AlGhawas

Founder , Agrifood-Agribusiness Consultant, SWAPAC, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong

Veronica S. Aswani

Vice President, African Association for Vertical Farming, South Africa, Founding Partner , Kijani Blue Agribusiness, Stakeholder Relations Director, African Women in Agriculture (AWiA) CEO of Wavunow

Dr Tshililo Farisani

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Expert, UKZN, South Africa

Bright Laaka

Founder & CEO, Rural Development Alliance Group, South Africa

Dr Peter C Gichuku

CEO & Founder, Hydroponics Africa, Kenya

Michael Linus Ouma

Thought Leader, Founder & CEO, Mbeko Empire, Kenya

Ma Joye

Founder, Umgibe Farming Organics & Training Institute, South Africa

Daniel de Sousa

Founder, The Farm Nearby, South Africa

Juan Fourie

Commercial Manager, Bosman Van Zaal, South Africa


Bongiwe Sithole-Moloi

MEC, Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Nomusa Dube-Ncube

Premier, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Aliyu Abdulhameed

Managing Director & CEO, Nigerian Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agriculture Lending (NIRSAL)

Prof Gert Venter

CEO, Ecogrow Kweekhuise, South Africa

Roger Tuckeldoe

Director of Smallholder Development, Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa

Dallas McMillan

CEO, Rhizo Sciences, Canada

Graeme Smith

Managing Director, Graeme Smith Consulting, Australia

Henry Gordon-Smith

Managing Director, Agritecture Consulting, USA

Thaven Naidoo

Southern Africa Regional Coordinator, Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN)

Dr Michael Magondo

Chief Idea Surfer, Wouldn’t It Be Cool (WIBC), South Africa

Naudé Malan

Senior Lecturer on Anthropology and Development Studies, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Adeyinka John

Senior Manager for Research, Strategy, Innovation, Result Measurement & Impact, NIRSAL, Nigeria

Angel Adelaja

CEO, Fresh Direct, Nigeria

Prof Michael Rudolph

Director, Siyakhana Multipurpose Cooperative, South Africa

Jana Jordaan

Sustainable Agriculture Analyst, GreenCape, South Africa

Esther Ndumi Ngumbi

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Mlibo Bantwini

Executive Officer, Dube TradePort, South Africa

Michael Koch

Marketing Agronomist, Haifa Group, Israel

Jeremy Rich

Founder, Aqua Vegetables & Co-Founder, Future Farms, South Africa

Theo Niezel

Director, Aqua Vegetables, South Africa

Paul Sheppard

Co-Founder, Halon Energy Partners & Co-Founder, Future Farms, South Africa

Peter Chege Gichuku

CEO, Hydroponics Africa, Kenya

Lynn Gunning

Managing Director, NFT Hydro, South Africa

Thato Moagi

Managing Director, Legae La Banareng Farms, South Africa

Peter Douglas

Managing Director, Carbon Negative Solutions

Inge Kuschke

Agriculture Analyst, Greencape, South Africa

Rikalize Reinecke

Owner, La Pieus Aqua, South Africa

Michelle Adelman

Managing Director, Go Fresh, Botswana


We invite abstracts of not more than 300 words with an empirical that will be of interest and relevance to urban agriculture practitioners and policy makers in Africa. Possible themes may include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Case studies of urban agriculture in Africa and/ or around the world
  • Economic possibilities and challenges of urban agriculture
  • Policy framework and governance practices
  • New technologies and green infrastructure for growing food in cities
  • Perspectives on liveability, liveliness and conviviality of urban food production
  • Peri-urban production and the urban-rural interface

Email with your presentation topic and abstract.