Now into its fourth successful year, Urban Agri World is the region’s leading agriculture event focused on Agritech, Controlled Environment Agriculture and Indoor Farming. It brings together Growers, Investors, Produce Buyers, Academics, Policy Makers, Technology & System Integrators and CEA Business Owners. Featuring practical sessions on the hottest topics, exhibits, lunch table discussions and unlimited networking opportunities, it connects services and solution providers from all over the world to serious local buyers and partners.

About Urban Agri World (UAW 2023)

Many countries and companies are expressing strong interest in vertical farming business and urban agriculture. It is a solution to the weather and pests problems, food security, water, power and land requirements, climate change and environmental preservation challenges. Commercialization of vertical farming is catching on in Asia, Europe, USA, and now Africa. Many private companies are interested in growing crops in hydroponic, aquaponics and aeroponics systems in warehouses, greenhouses, containers and high skyscrapers. There is also a burgeoning interest in the production of medicinal plants in vertical farms following the new rulings on cannabis production for medicinal use. UAW 2023 will touch on the pressing issues pertaining to progressive farming developments for the urban, indoor and vertical farming industry.

“The global vertical farming market size stood at $3.98 billion in 2021, and it is expected to advance at a compound annual growth rate of 25.2% during 2021-2030, to reach $30.2 billion by 2030…. Advanced agriculture techniques help growers produce around 230 times more crop yields than traditional farming” (P & S Intelligence)

Join us at UAW2023 as we deliberate on emerging technologies to unlock the potential for agriculture, growing agri food capacity, security and resilience in Africa.

UAW 2023 will be hosted immediately following the 7th African Conference of Agricultural Economists and 60th Annual AEASA Conference (18-21 September) in Durban.  An opportunity to meet with all sector players in the agri eco-system in one week at one venue!  An unparalleled networking platform for intelligence and business engagements!

Why Attend the Summit & Expo

Independent and Authoritative

The only vertical farming, greenhouse & controlled environment agriculture focused Summit in Africa bringing together government and private sector stakeholders.

Seize Opportunities

Probe the exciting opportunities presented by urban agriculture.


From policy makers, operators and investors the plans, targets and critical success factors.

Risk Management

Address the complexities involved in CEA, water, nutrients, photosynthesis and plant growth.


Evaluate the business case for urban agriculture and the latest technological innovations relevant for your operations.


Network with key stakeholders and decision makers involved in the revolution of agriculture.

Best Practices

Strategies and technical know-how from successful projects in the region.

Who will be attending this Summit?

Government Representatives


Food Producers

Supply Chain Representatives


Seed & Fertiliser Companies


R&D Centres/Universities

Grower Associations

Development Agencies

System Integrators

Manufacturers & suppliers

Learn the latest in CEA advancements and precision agriculture techniques while acquiring in-depth knowledge on the growing of specific products and crops.